Michael N. Kozicki

Director of the Center for Applied Nanoionics
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Research expertise
Integrated/solid-state nanoionics, low-energy non-volatile memory, self-healing electrodes and interconnect, and nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS)

Michael Kozicki joined ASU in 1985 from Hughes Microelectronics. He is a professor of electrical engineering and the director of the Center for Applied Nanoionics. He has served as interim and founding director of entrepreneurial programs and director of the Center for Solid State Electronics Research in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU. He develops new materials, processes, and device structures for next generation integrated circuits and systems. Professor Kozicki holds several dozen key patents in programmable metallization cell technology, in which solid electrolytes are used for storage and control of information and for the manipulation of mass at the nanoscale. He has published extensively, developed undergraduate and graduate courses in solid state electronics and is a frequent invited speaker at international meetings. He is also a founder of Axon Technologies, an ASU spin-off company involved in the development and licensing of solid-state ionic technologies, Chief Scientist for Silicon Valley company Adesto Technologies, and visiting professor at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

Professional preparation
Ph.D., electronics and electrical engineering, University of Edinburgh, 1985
B.Sc., electronics and electrical engineering, University of Edinburgh, 1980

Recognition and awards
Founder, Axon Technologies Corporation
Visiting Professor, College of Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh
Adjunct Professor, GIST, Korea
Founding Member, Globalscot Network; Chartered Engineer (UK/EC Professional Engineer)
Charter member of the ASU Academic Council
ASU Faculty Achievement Award (Most Significant Invention), 2007
Best Paper Awards, Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium, 2005, and European Symposium on Phase Change and Ovonic Science, 2006
IEEE Phoenix Section Outstanding Educator, Research Award, 2001

Selected Publications
D. Kamalanathan, A. Akhavan and M.N. Kozicki, “Low voltage cycling of programmable metallization cell memory devices,” Nanotechnology, vol. 22 (2011) doi:10.1088/0957-4484/22/25/254017.

I. Valov, R. Waser, John R. Jameson and M.N. Kozicki, “Electrochemical metallization memories—fundamentals, applications, prospects,” Nanotechnology, vol. 22 (2011) doi:10.1088/0957-4484/22/25/254003.

S.C. Puthentheradam, D.K. Schroder and M.N. Kozicki, “Inherent diode isolation in programmable metallization cell resistive memory elements,” Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing , vol. 102 (2011) 4817-826.

S.R. Baliga, M. Ren and M.N. Kozicki, “Self-healing interconnects for flexible electronics applications,” Thin Solid Films, vol. 519 (2011) 2339-2343.

S. Puthen Thermadam, S.K. Bhagat, T.L. Alford, Y. Sakaguchi, M.N. Kozicki and M. Mitkova, “Influence of Cu diffusion conditions on the switching of Cu–SiO2-based resistive memory devices,” Thin Solid Films, vol. 518 (2010) 3293-3298.

N. Derhacobian, S.C.Hollmer, N. Gilbert, M.N. Kozicki, “Power and Energy Perspectives of Nonvolatile Memory Technologies,” Proc. IEEE, vol. 98 (2010) 283-298.