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Research expertise
Control of nonlinear distributed parameter systems, approximation theory, sampled data and multi-rate control, embedded systems, rapid prototyping, modeling, simulation, animation, and real-time control (MoSART) of Flexible Autonomous Machines operating in an uncertain Environment (FAME), integrated real-time health monitoring, modeling, and reconfigurable fault-tolerant controls; control of bio-economic systems, renewable resources, and sustainable development; control of semiconductor, (hypersonic) aerospace, robotic, and low power electronic systems.

Prior to joining the ASU faculty in 1990, Armando A. Rodriguez worked at MIT, IBM, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Raytheon Missile Systems. He has also consulted for Eglin Air Force Base, Boeing Defense and Space Systems, Honeywell, and NASA. He has published over 195 technical papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings. He has authored three engineering texts. Professor Rodriguez has given over 70 invited presentations – 13 plenary – at international and national forums, conferences, and corporations. Since 1994, he has directed an extensive engineering mentoring research program that has served over 300 students. He has served as the co-director of an NSF-WAESO funded Bridge to the Doctorate Program involving 12 NSF fellows. He is currently serving on the following National Academies panels: Survivability and Lethality Analysis, Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Autonomous Systems.

Professional preparation
Ph.D., electrical engineering and computer science, Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, 1990
M.S., electrical engineering and computer science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987
B.S., electrical engineering and computer science, Polytechnic University of New York, 1983

Recognition and awards
AT&T Bell Laboratories Fellowship
Boeing A.D. Welliver Fellowship
CEAS Teaching Excellence Award
IEEE International Outstanding Advisor Award
White House Presidential Excellence Award for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
ASU Professor of the Year Finalist

Professional associations
ASU Faculty Fellow

Selected Publications
J. Dickeson, A.A. Rodriguez, S. Sridharan, A. Korad, “Elevator Sizing, Placement, and Control-Relevant Tradeoffs for Hypersonic Vehicles,” AIAA-2010-8339, AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, Toronto, Canada, Aug. 2-5, 2010.

O. Cifdaloz, A. Regmi, J. Anderies, A.A. Rodriguez, “Robustness, Vulnerability, and Adaptive Capacity in Small-Scale Social-Ecological Systems: The Pumpa Irrigation System in Nepal,” J. of Ecology and Society, Vol 15, No 3, Art. 39, 2010. [online] URL:, 46 pages. Received Ralf Yorque Memorial Prize.

Rodriguez, A. A. (2008). Control system design via H2 optimization. In R. Bishop (Ed.). The Mechatronics Handbook: Mechatronic System Control, Logic, and Data Acquisition (pp.10-1-10-48). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

A.A. Rodriguez, J. Dickeson, O. Cifdaloz, R. McCullen, J. Benavides, S. Sridharan, A. Kelkar, J. Vogel, and D. Soloway, “Modeling and Control of Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Vehicles: Challenges, Trends & Tradeoffs,” in AIAA Conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control, 1-40, Honolulu, HI, August 18-21 2008.

O. Clifdaloz, A.A. Rodriguez, and J.M. Anderies, “Control of Distributed Parameter Systems Subject to Convex Constraints: Applications to Irrigation Systems and Hypersonic Vehicles,” Proceedings of the Conference on Decision and Control, 865-870, Cancun, Mexico, December 9-11, 2008.

J.M. Anderies, A.A. Rodriguez, M.A. Janssen, and O. Cifdaloz, “Panaceas, Uncertainty, and the Robust Control Framework in Sustainability Science,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Special issue, vol.104, no.39, 15194-15199, 2007.

A.A. Rodriguez, “Missle Guidance,” Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1-15, July 23, 2007.