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Research expertise
VLSI architectures and algorithms for media processing and wireless communications, low-power embedded system design, algorithm-architecture co-design of signal processing systems.

Chaitali Chakrabarti received her B.Tech. in electronics and electrical communication engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, and her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. She is an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems and the Journal of VLSI Signal Processing Systems.

Collaborations and industry affiliations
Chakrabarti, Chaitali * . Neuromorphic Visual System for Intelligent Unmanned Sensors. UNIV OF SOUTHERN CA (11/1/2009 – 4/30/2012).
Chakrabarti, Chaitali * . CSR:Large:Collaborative Research:Reclaiming Moore’s Law Through Ultra Energy Efficient Computing. NSF-ENG-ECS (8/1/2009 – 7/31/2014).
Papandreou-Suppappola, Antonia * Chakrabarti, Chaitali Spanias, Andreas Savva . Biomedical Innovations Using Implementation-Aware Agile Sensing and Signal Processing. NSF-CISE-CCR (8/1/2008 – 7/31/2012).
Chakrabarti, Chaitali * . CSR–EHS: Collaborative Research: Hardware/Software Co-Exploration of Scalable Software Defined Radio Platforms. NSF-CISE (9/1/2006 – 8/31/2010).
Chakrabarti, Chaitali * Chatha, Karamvir Singh Chatha, Karamvir Singh Vrudhula, Sarma BK Vrudhula, Sarma BK . CSR-EHS: Analytical Techniques for Global Energy Minimizaiton of a System of Interacting Components. NSF-CISE (8/1/2005 – 5/31/2010).
Chakrabarti, Chaitali * . FANTOM: Algorithm-Architecture Codesign for High Performance Signal and Image Processing. DUKE UNIV (5/3/2005 – 2/28/2010).

Professional preparation
Ph.D., electrical engineering, University of Maryland, 1990
M.S., electrical engineering, University of Maryland, 1986
B.S., tech electronics and electrical communication, Indian Institute of Technology, 1984

Recognition and awards
Best Paper Awards in SAMOS’07, MICRO’08, and SiPS’10
MICRO Top Picks in 2007 and 2010Outstanding Educator Award, IEEE Phoenix section, 2001
CEAS Teaching Award, 1993-1994

Selected publication
C. Yang. Y. Emre and C. Chakrabarti, “Product Code Schemes for Error Correction in MLC NAND Flash Memories,” IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems, 2012.

M. Debole, A. al Maashri, C. _L Yu, C. Chakrabarti and V. Narayanan, “A Framework for Accelerating Neuromorphic Vision Algorithms on FPGA,” Int. Conf. on Computer-Aided Design, pp. 810-813, 2011.

M. Woh, S. Seo, S. Mahlke, T. Mudge, and C. Chakrabarti, “AnySP: Anytime anywhere anyway signal processing,” IEEE MICRO Top Picks, pp. 81-91 Jan./Feb. 2010.

L. Miao, J. J. Zhang, C. Chakrabarti, and A. Papandreou-Suppappola, “A new parallel implementation for particle filters and its application to adaptive waveform design,” IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SiPS), pp. 19-24, Oct. 2010, (Bob Owens Memorial Best Paper Award).

J. S. Kim, L. Deng, P. Mangalagiri, K. Irick, K. Sobti, M. Kandemir, V. Narayanan, C. Chakrabarti, N. Pitsianis, and X. Sun, “An automated framework for accelerating numerical algorithms on reconfigurable platforms using algorithmic/architectural optimizations,” IEEE Transactions on Computers, pp. 1654-1667, Dec. 2009.

M. Woh, Y. Lin, S. Mahlke, T. Mudge, C. Chakrabarti, R. Bruce, D. Kershaw, and K. Flautner, “From SODA to scotch: The evolution of a wireless baseband processor,” Proc. of IEEE/ACM Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO), November 2008, (Best Paper Award).