Christiana Honsberg

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ERC 539

Research expertise
Ultra-high efficiency solar cells, and silicon solar cells

Professor Christiana Honsberg joined the electrical engineering faculty in 2008 and is currently a professor. She received her BS, MS and PhD from University of Delaware in 1986, 1989, and 1992, respectively, all in electrical engineering. Before joining the ASU faculty, Honsberg was an associate professor and director for the high performance solar power program at the University of Delaware. She currently holds one patent in the U.S., Japan, and Europe; three patents are pending.

Professional preparation
Ph.D., electrical engineering, University of Delaware, 1992
M.S., electrical engineering, University of Delaware, 1989
B.S., electrical engineering, University of Delaware, 1986

Selected Publications
S.P. Bremner, M.Y, Levy, and C.B. Honsberg, “Limiting Efficient of an Intermediate Band Solar Cell Under a Terrestrial Spectrum,” submitter Applied Physics Lett., February 2008.

S.P. Bremner, G.M. Liu, N. Faleev, K. Gosh, and C.B. Honsberg, “Growth and characterization of GaAs1−xSbx barrier layers for advanced concept solar cells,” Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 2008.

C.B. Honsberg, and M.Y. Levy, “Nanostructured Absorbers for Multiple Transition Solar Cells,” IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices, vol. 56, no. 3, 706-711, 2008.

S.P. Bremner, M.Y, Levy, and C.B. Honsberg, “Analysis of Tandem Solar cell Efficiencies under AM 1.5G Spectrum Using a Rapid Flux Calculation Method,” Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Application, available online, February 2008.

O. Jani, I. Ferguson, C.B. Honsberg, and S. Kurtz, “Design and Characterization of GaN/InGaN Solar Cells,” Applied Physics Lett., vol. 91, no. 13, 1-3, 2007.

N. Fleev, C.B. Honsberg, O. Jani, and I. Ferguson, “Crystalline Perfection of GaN and A1N Epitaxial Layer and the Main Features of Structural Transformation of Crystalline Defects,” Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 300, 1400-1405, 2006.

O.K. Jani and C.B. Honsberg, “Absorption and Transport via Tunneling in a Quantum Well Solar Cells,” Solar Energy, July 28, 2006. B.S. Richards, S.F. Rowlands, A. Ueranatasun, J.E. Cotter, and C.B. Honsberg, “Potential Cost Reduction of Buried-Contact Solar Cells through the Use of Titanium Dioxide Thin Films,” Solar State Electronics, vol. 50, 1400-1405, 2006.