Dieter Schroder

Regents’ Professor
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ERC 111

Research expertise
Semiconductor devices, photovoltaics, defects in semiconductors, semiconductor material and device characterization, electrical/lifetime measurements, low-power electronics, device modeling, MOS devices

Dieter Schroder joined the ASU faculty in 1981 after 13 years at the Westinghouse Research Labs. He has published two books, 186 journal articles, 10 book chapters, and 174 conference presentations, edited 11 books, holds five patents, and has graduated 64 MS students and 42 PhD students.

Professional preparation
Ph.D., electrical engineering, University of Illinois, 1968
M.S., electrical engineering, McGill University, 1964
B.S., electrical engineering, McGill University, 1962

Recognition and awards
IEEE van der Ziel Award, 2007
Outstanding Graduate Mentor, 2010
2007 ASU Regents’ Professor, 2009
Distinguished National Lecturer for the IEEE Electron Device Society, 1993-2007
ASU College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award, 1989, 1998, 2001
National Technical University Outstanding Instructor, 1991-2003
University Continuing Education Association Faculty Service Award, 1997
ASU College of Extended Education Distance Learning Faculty Award, 1998
IEEE Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education Activities, 1998
IEEE Phoenix Section: Outstanding Faculty Member, 2000

Professional associations
IEEE Life Fellow

Selected Publications
P. Nayak, M. Seacrist and D.K. Schroder, “Unusual CV Characteristics of High-Resistivity SOI Wafers,” IEEE Electron Dev. Lett. 32, 1659-1661, Dec. 2011.

N. Chandra, V. Sharma, G.Y. Chung and D.K. Schroder, “Four-point Probe Characterization of 4H Silicon Carbide” Solid-State Electron. 64, 73-77, Oct. 2011.

S.C. Puthentheradam, D.K. Schroder and M.N. Kozicki, “Inherent diode isolation in programmable metallization cell resistive memory elements,” Appl. Phys. A, 102, 817-826, March 2011.

I. Rapoport, P. Taylor, J. Kearns and D.K. Schroder, “Two-side surface photovoltage studies for implanted iron diffusion in silicon during rapid thermal anneal,” J. Appl. Phys. 107, 013518 1-6, Jan. 2010.

K. Park, P. Nayak, and D.K. Schroder, “Role of the substrate during pseudo-MOSFET drain current transients,” Solid-State Electron. 54, 316-322, March 2010.

S. Bowden, C. Honsberg and D. Schroder, “Moore’s law of photovoltaics,” Future Photovoltaics, 1, 1-7, May 2010.

M. J. Marinella, D. K. Schroder, G. Chung, M. J. Loboda, T. Isaacs-Smith, and J. R. Williams, “Carrier generation lifetimes in 4H-SiC MOS capacitors,” IEEE Trans. Electron Dev. 57, 1910-1923, Aug. 2010.