Zachary Holman

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Research expertise
High-efficiency silicon solar cells, novel uses of nanoparticles in solar cells and electronic devices, semiconductor nanoparticles, optical and electronic properties of nanoscale materials, plasma synthesis of powders, deposition of powders and thin films

Zak Holman joined the ASU faculty in 2013 after two years of postdoctoral research at the EPFL Photovoltaics and Thin-Film Electronics Laboratory in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He received a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 from the University of Minnesota for his work on silicon and germanium nanoparticles, and a B.A. in Physics in 2005 from Reed College. His research seeks to develop and understand new and inexpensive nanomaterials, devices designs, and fabrications techniques to bring silicon solar cells to grid parity.

Professional preparation
Ph.D., mechanical engineering, nanoparticle science and engineering (minor), University of Minnesota, 2010
B.A., physics, Reed College, 2005

Recognition and awards

NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship in Japan, 2010
University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, 2009-2010
NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship, 2006-2008
Particle Society of Minnesota Scholarship, 2008)
18th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry Best Paper Award, 2007
University of Minnesota Graduate School Fellowship, 2005-2006
University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering Department Fellowship, 2005-2006

Selected publications
S. De Wolf, A. Descoeudres, Z. Holman, and C. Ballif, “High-efficiency silicon heterojunction solar cells: A review,” Green 2, 7–24 (2012).

Z. Holman, A. Descoeudres, L. Barraud, F. Zicarelli, J. Seif, S. De Wolf, and C. Ballif, “Current losses at the front of silicon heterojunction solar cells,” IEEE J. Photovoltaics 2, 7–15 (2012).

Z. Holman and U. Kortshagen, “Nanocrystal inks without ligands: Stable colloids of bare germanium nanocrystals,” Nano Lett. 11, 2133–2136 (2011).

Z. Holman and U. Kortshagen, “Quantum confinement in germanium nanocrystal thin films,” Phys. Status Solidi RRL 5, 110–112 (2011).

Z. Holman, C.-Y. Liu, and U. Kortshagen, “Germanium and silicon nanocrystal thin-film field-effect transistors from solution,” Nano Lett. 10, 2661–2666 (2010).

C.-Y. Liu, Z. Holman, and U. Kortshagen, “Hybrid solar cells from P3HT and silicon nanocrystals,” Nano Lett. 9, 449–452 (2009).