As an advisor, Gia McLaughlin has met hundreds of students over her career. Each unique and memorable in their own way. But for the last four years, two of her advisees stood out more than usual. The brother and sister team of Farhan Rahman and Afra Nawar took an in-this-together approach to their academics and was a delight for her to watch them grow over the years. Farhan Rahman and Afra Nawar

“I rarely had to advise them, just really be an advocate and support,” says McLaughlin, who first encountered the pair at E2 Camp in Prescott. “When I first met them, I thought they were fraternal twins, but it turns out they are about a year apart. They are literally best friends, and I cannot picture them without each other.”

The dynamic duo graduated this past May, each with dual degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, taking every single step together. Not to be outdone by one another, they both had internships at Intel, held 4.0 GPA’s and were in the Barrett Honors College.

“The sky is the limit with these two,” says McLaughlin. “They are so dedicated and forward-thinking, I see them as successful engineers as well as awesome contributors to society.”

Congratulations to Farhan Rahman and Afra Nawar not just on graduating but for reminding us, with family by your side, you can do anything.

Hear from Afra Nawar in her convocation address to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering student body.