Naysan Sahba believes Arizona State University is his perfect choice for higher education. His love of the desert terrain and outdoor activities, paired with ASU’s affordability and a reputable engineering program, sealed the deal.

The opportunities available within the field of electrical engineering are what piqued Naysan’s interest in this discipline.

“I could end up working in so many different fields all the way from artificial intelligence to rockets,” he says. “The broad opportunities wrapped up in electrical engineering excite me.”

Naysan is most interested in socially-driven projects and initiatives. He is working with a team of students to design and install solar power generation technology for a Native American village in northern Arizona. The project aims to provide necessities such as refrigeration to combat numerous health-related struggles the village faces.

Naysan also enjoys working with the EPICS and Engineers Without Borders programs, which offer hands-on ways for him to use his skills to have a profound and positive impact on the world.

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