E2 has been a tradition for engineering students at ASU for more than a decade. 200 Freshmen at a time converge on a camp in Prescott, AZ. They gather to learn more about the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, to meet their faculty, connect with alums and make new friends. 

As you can imagine, this year was a bit different. The E2 staff shifted gears and created a digital immersive online experience for our incoming students. Although a far cry from an overnight excursion, students could still interact with each other, do team-building exercises, and connect with alumni volunteers.

We asked a few of our alumni volunteers from Texas Instruments to share their E2 memories and to tell us why they volunteered for this year?

Shannon Lippincott – Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments

Shannon Lippincott in front of a muralWhat did E2 camp mean to you?

I participated in E2 Camp as a student in 2011. What I remember most from the experience were the friendships I was able to form before ever stepping foot in a classroom. I met so many faculty and students in a short amount of time and absolutely loved being in a remote location with cooler weather. I remember being a little nervous I was dropped off at ASU before E2 camp, but I immediately made friends with another student that I sat next to on the bus to/from E2 camp. We ended up being extremely close throughout our entire college experience, and even came to work at Texas Instruments together!

What inspired you to volunteer to participate in E2 2020?

My college experience at ASU was five years of my life (4+1 program). I made friendships that will last me throughout my entire life and the Fulton Schools set me up for a successful career where I get to travel the world visiting customers to discuss my automotive products. My heart goes out to the incoming freshmen this year; I can’t imagine making this significant life change during a global pandemic. I applaud all of the efforts that went into making E2 camp virtual this year and was happy to help in any way I could.

I participated in the ASU101 sessions, and what was most impactful to me was hearing the students talk about how engineering can tackle the issues in the world today.

Jack Landseidel – Technical Sales, Texas Instruments

Jack Landseidel headshotWhat did E2 camp mean to you?

I attended E2 Camp in 2013. As an out-of-state student, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet my peers in engineering and get better acquainted with Fulton before the school year started in earnest. It made me feel I already had my bearings as I started on campus.

What inspired you to volunteer to participate in E2 2020?

I appreciate the opportunity E2 Camp provided to me, and I wanted current students to have the best benefit possible, given the circumstances of a remote experience. This was a unique year in which students could talk to a variety of industry professionals as part of E2 Camp. This is important, as it offers students the chance to learn more about some possible opportunities after Fulton, so they can more purposefully plot their journey now.

Bryan Padilla – Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments

Bryan Padilla headshotWhat did E2 camp mean to you?

I went to E2 camp during the summer of 2015, and it was the perfect introduction to what the Fulton Schools of Engineering is all about: Leveraging diversity to solve problems together. From meeting my best friend in volleyball and dodging tennis balls in the indoor arena, to barely moving in the boat regatta and definitely not winning the marshmallow stack, E2 camp created many fun memories for me, and I know there is something for everyone there! E2 is more than just a trip up north; it was the start of an amazing four years getting to know the great faculty and peers of the Fulton Schools.


What inspired you to volunteer to participate in E2 2020?

I was able to participate in E2 2020 as an industry partner with Texas Instruments. As many of my fellow TIers did, I jumped at the opportunity because we love to help others and share our life lessons learned. What stood out the most to me were the incredible engagements that students and faculty were able to have 100% online! It shows the true adaptability and willpower of the Fulton Schools to make things happen, which makes me so proud to be an alumni.