Tyler Marquez began his time at ASU in the fall of 2020. He is local to the area and graduated from Marcos De Niza High School. All throughout his youth, Tyler knew that Arizona State University was the school for him no matter what career he decided to pursue. Tyler has always had an interest in electronics and engineering. However, it wasn’t until Tyler had built his first computer and he began to have an understanding of electrical hardware that he decided to pursue it as a career.

Arizona State University was the best choice for Tyler to pursue higher education since it was in his hometown, he has friends who also are going to the university, and they have an excellent engineering program. This deal was officially sealed once Tyler received multiple scholarships including The Obama Scholarship and The Tempe Diablos Scholarship.

Throughout his high school career, Tyler was an active student who had many extracurricular activities. As an active member of Fulton Student Council, UTO Technology Consultant, Minitown Camp Counselor, Tyler continues with this trend of having many responsibilities outside of school. Tyler was selected for the Dean’s List for the Fall 2020 semester and he hopes to continue achieving academic excellence throughout his time at ASU. He hopes through this academic excellence that he may one day be eligible to join the 4+1 Master’s Program and receive a master’s degree in Computer Engineering.


Everyone has their skills and strengths. These strengths should also be used to cancel out your weaknesses. If you work hard and play smart. You can achieve anything.