Tyler Marquez, currently a senior at Arizona State University, has made significant strides in his academic and professional journey since beginning his education. With a passion for electronics and engineering, Tyler embarked on his educational path at ASU in 2020 after graduating from Marcos De Niza High School near the university’s Tempe campus.

Since then, Tyler has excelled academically and gained valuable hands-on experience through internships. As a product marketing engineer at Texas Instruments, he contributed to the development and promotion of cutting-edge technology. Additionally, this role opened a pathway to other opportunities, namely an upcoming internship as a hardware engineer at Honeywell. The role will allow Tyler to further enhance his skills and understanding of electrical hardware.

Tyler’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through multiple appearances on the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Dean’s List, a testament to his academic prowess and dedication. Currently enrolled in ASU’s Accelerated Master’s degree program for electrical engineering, Tyler is seamlessly transitioning into the role of a graduate student, showcasing his continued commitment to advancing his knowledge in the field.

In his time at ASU, Tyler has been actively involved in various extracurricular activities, including the Fulton Schools Engineering Student Council, an on-campus job as a technology consultant with the University Technology Office and as a Kyrene School District Minitown camp counselor. This trend of engagement has persisted into his senior year, reflecting his capacity to balance responsibilities outside of academics.

Tyler’s journey is marked by obtaining multiple scholarships, including recognition from the President Barack Obama Scholars Program and a Tempe Diablos scholarship, affirming his dedication to both academic and community pursuits. His initial decision to pursue electrical engineering at ASU has been reinforced by the university’s proximity to his home, a network of attending friends and the distinguished reputation of the Fulton Schools.

Looking forward, Tyler aspires to maintain his commitment to academic excellence. He envisions completing his graduate degree program and finally entering the workforce, propelled by his outstanding achievements and passion for advancing technology. His journey from a first-year student with a keen interest in electronics to a seasoned senior and graduate student is a testament to his growth, determination and success at Arizona State University.

Tyler’s advice for students:

“Everyone has their skills and strengths. These strengths should also be used to cancel out your weaknesses. If you work hard and play smart, you can achieve anything.”

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