Online student David “Wade” Eickbusch graduated this past May with his MS in electrical engineering. A nontraditional student, Eickbusch approached his degree one class per semester while working full-time. Today Eickbusch celebrated his graduation with a surprise trip to campus organized by his proud wife, Celia Eickbush. 

Eickbusch received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988. Over the next few decades, he carved out a successful career path for himself in the semiconductor industry. His ultimate goal was to take his electrical engineering education further, but this dedicated family man put his children first and waited until he got his sons through school before pursuing his dreams.

Rooted in Austin, Eickbusch knew to get his master’s degree, he needed to find an online option. His research led him to Arizona State University and its online electrical engineering program which is known for its quality of classes, access to top-notch electrical engineering faculty and the convenience of a fully online degree program.

“The classes were hard and the online exams were challenging,” says Eickbusch. “But the faculty were helpful and guided me through the process.”

Juggling his family, career and education obligations, Eickbusch spent five and half years earning his master’s degree online.

Celia also arranged a surprise one-on-one meeting with Dean Kyle Squires to help make his COVID-19 era graduation feel more official. 

Congratulations, David!