Ivan Sanchez Esqueda, an assistant professor of electrical engineering in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, has been named an Intel 2021 Rising Star Faculty Award recipient.

The RSA program recognizes early-career faculty members who show great promise as future academic leaders in disruptive computing technologies. It also seeks to attract and support the participation of women and minorities in STEM careers.

“I’m honored and excited for this opportunity,” says Sanchez Esqueda, who will use part of the financial award for collaborative research with Intel. “I look forward to developing fruitful collaborations with Intel researchers.”

Sanchez Esqueda’s work will emphasize building blocks for next-generation spintronics, spin-orbitronics and spin-based memory for neuromorphic computing systems. Spintronics is an alternative approach to computing that’s based on electron spin instead of electric charge. Information is carried in the charge and spin of an electron that could potentially create devices with a greater capacity to receive and parse data.

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