Hi, I’m Amber and a rising sophomore! I first entered ASU as a student-athlete; however, after the first few months, I chose to give up my sport to focus more on my studies. Out of so many majors, I decided to choose the electrical engineering path because most of the required coursework is math or computer science related, which are subjects I enjoy very much. Also, I became captivated by James Bond films during my junior year in high school, and in every Bond movie, there are always cool gadgets and devices displayed. My dream is to invent some of these gadgets one day, and I believe pursuing an electrical engineering degree is a great first step. As an engineering major, I knew most of my classes would likely be filled with STEM classes, which can sometimes become overwhelming or redundant. Therefore, I enrolled in Barrett to take my mind off of these engineering classes. At the same time, I can benefit from smaller class discussions. Beginning of Fall 2022, I will be working as a tutor at the Barrett Writing Center and a section leader for one of the ASU 101 classes.

Don’t think of the tutoring center as a place for struggling students. Think of it as a place to learn a new skill or an opportunity to enhance your current skill sets. The tutoring center is a great resource, and taking advantage of these resources will only open more doors.

Email: amlee40@asu.edu