Jayashree Adivarahan came to ASU in Fall 2021. Computer science algorithms and circuit analysis intrigued her in high school and increased her passion for fields like semiconductor technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. She decided to pursue the nationally renowned electrical engineering program at ASU due to her deep passion for the field.

Outside the classroom, Jayashree is involved in student organizations like the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Engineers Without Borders (EWB). Jayashree was inspired to increase access to drinking water after witnessing how a lack of clean water impacted others during her travels, motivating her to join the EWB International Kenya project.

The project aims to increase access to clean drinking water by implementing a rainwater catchment system. She also aims to increase women’s presence in STEM fields through organizations like SWE. She is involved with the Grand Challenges Scholars Program as well, where she worked on a cryptocurrency security-related project.

Jayashree is also an undergraduate research assistant for ULTRA, a project focused on developing a cleaner electricity grid through materials grown in laboratory environments.

She was one of 22 recipients of the Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship. She also received a scholarship geared toward electrical engineering majors through SWE.

During the summer of 2022, Jayashree worked as an engineering intern at Northrop Grumman.

She enjoys giving back to the ASU community as a student ambassador.

Jayashree’s advice for students:

“Take everything one step at a time! This is something I still try and live by, and I believe this helps one make the best of every moment and opportunity.”

Email: [email protected]