To keep up with the competitive global market and complex 21st-century issues, American engineers need as much support as possible to overcome the challenges they face.

The Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, or ARCS, Foundation understands the next generation of scholars must receive proper support to advance science and technology in the United States. The foundation accomplishes this by providing financial awards to academically outstanding students in science, engineering and medical research.

This year, a record 21 Arizona State University students have been named ARCS Scholars, 13 of whom are pursuing degress in ASU’s  Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Since 1975, the Phoenix Chapter of ARCS has provided more than $6.6 million in support to 1,052 graduate students attending Arizona state schools. Recipients receive $8,500 administered by the ASU Graduate College, which can be used for whatever students need to support their research.

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