Samantha Janssen started her studies at Arizona State University during the Fall 2021 semester. She knew when coming into ASU that she wanted to pursue a degree in electrical engineering due to her passion for electronics and her excitement for learning and problem solving. Samantha believed ASU was the right choice for her due to the university’s reputation of being No. 1 in innovation and available opportunities to get hands-on experience as a first-year student.

After graduating from high school, Samantha got involved in her community by becoming a Girl Scout Gold Award Mentor. In this role, she serves as a resource for younger Girl Scouts pursuing the Gold Award, the highest award available in the organization.

At ASU, Samantha has also been a teaching assistant for an engineering course, which has given her the opportunity to connect with a professor and help other students now in her former position as a younger student. Working as a TA helped broaden her perspective of not only the course material, but the chance to apply leadership and collaboration skills by working with other students.

Samantha has also interned for an engineering company during the summer and plans to continue her internship. Opportunities such as research and internships give her the chance to apply her studies in an industry setting. For Samantha, this experience is a great foundation to form connections, explore careera and learn new skills.

Samantha’s advice for students:

“It is okay if you don’t understand something the first, second, or ten thousandth time. It is not your mistakes or failures that determine your worth; rather, it is the courage to continue making those mistakes and failures.”

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