MacroTechnology Works, or MTW, is a key location for some companies looking to make their mark in microelectronics and semiconductor device manufacturing. The facility has distinct capabilities for innovative research that industry members working in these and associated fields won’t find elsewhere.

Semiconductors power the products we use every day. Semiconductor devices include the computer chips that control critical functions in electronic devices, such as cars, smartphones and household appliances, while microelectronics is a term used in the industry to include computer chips integrated with other components.

The Phoenix metropolitan area has increasingly become known for the longstanding and growing presence of semiconductor and microelectronics companies. Some of these companies are finding their homes in MTW, where they get a combination of access to advanced equipment and research capabilities that, to date, only exist at ASU.

Arizona U.S. Senator Mark Kelly notes that the facility offers a unique environment for companies to take advantage of in the state.

“I’ve seen Arizona State University’s state-of-the-art MacroTechnology facility up close,” Kelly says. “Their work to integrate research, development and manufacturing is a game changer for our state. Thanks to investments from our CHIPS Act and leadership at ASU, this facility will make sure we have the robust workforce, from engineers to researchers, needed to support Arizona’s growing semiconductor industry.”

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