Nick Moy started his studies in electrical engineering at Arizona State University during the Fall 2022 semester. Throughout high school, Nick knew that ASU was one of his top choices, not only because Arizona is a warm state, but also because ASU has many opportunities and experiences that students can take advantage of. He was also impressed by the university’s No. 1 ranking in innovation. 

Nick’s passion for engineering started as early as middle school. He was part of a robotics club, and his job was to program the club’s robot for certain tasks.

During his sophomore year of high school, Nick joined a STEM club. He built different types of robots and programmed them to do certain tasks in competitions against other schools. 

Outside of his academic and professional interests, Nick was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and comes from a family of four. His hobbies include cars and cruising in them, playing video games, participating in a variety of sports and hanging out with friends. Nick is a part of many different clubs and organizations here at ASU aside from being a student ambassador such as the Grand Challenges Scholars Program, Engineering Projects in Community Service and intramural sports. 

He has also started his own club at the university along with some of his friends called RPMCrew. The club is for people who love cars, want to learn more about them or simply to hang out and make some new friends. The club isn’t yet registered with the university as a student organization, but those interested can still join. RPMCrew has its own group chat where members plan cruises, meet and plan to go to car shows together. Nick is happy to connect anyone interested.

Nick’s advice for students:

“Make the most out of being at ASU. Take all the opportunities that you can, and make as many connections as possible. As my parents always say, ‘Take everything one step at a time. Sometimes you have to push yourself harder. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; not everyone is born a genius. Some have to try harder and adapt. If engineering were easy, then everyone would be an engineer. Stick with it, and I promise you it’ll be worth it in the end.’ Most importantly, enjoy yourself here at ASU, don’t stress yourself out too much, go out once in a while and have fun with friends.” 

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