Nabiha Alam is an electrical engineering student at Arizona State University who started her program in the fall of 2022. She selected electrical engineering as her major because of her knowledge of physics from high school and her desire to learn more about circuit design and wiring.

Outside of being an electrical engineering student ambassador, Nabiha is involved in various ASU programs and clubs on campus: the Grand Challenges Scholars Program, Fulton Accelerated Community Engagement, Fulton Ambassadors, Vanderploeg Luminosity Scholars Program, research in Assistant Professor Nick Rolston’s lab, the student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Bangladesh Students’ Association and Women in Science and Engineering.

Nabiha’s advice for students:

“If you’re the smartest in the room, go to a different room. Allow yourself to be surrounded by those who have different strengths and are stronger than you are. Not only will this keep you humble, but it will allow you to grow.”

Email: [email protected]