The Center of Excellence for Energy, funded by the American people through USAID, has selected students for its Fall 2023 exchange program, which will provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in the energy industry. Thirty students from the center’s Egyptian partner universities, 15 from Ain Shams, 10 from Mansoura, and 5 from Aswan, have been selected to study at Arizona State University for one term in Fall 2023. The bulk of the students are undergraduate level studying renewable energy engineering as well as other engineering fields.

The exchange program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the energy sector and who wish to gain an international perspective on the field. The selected students for the Fall 2023 exchange program will have the opportunity to study energy transitions policy and entrepreneurship in addition to technical classes in their field of study at Arizona State University, a top-ranked university in the United States. They will engage with leading scholars and researchers in the field of energy, as well as gain access to state-of- the-art facilities and resources. Students will also participate in cultural activities and field trips to gain a deeper understanding of the energy industry.

“An incredibly talented and motivated group of students has been selected for our exchange program this year with an average GPA of over 3.4,” said Dr. Sayfe Kiaei, project director of the Center of Excellence for Energy. “The selected students have shown exceptional academic performance and we are confident that they will make the most of this opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills in the field of energy and return to make great contributions to the energy transition in Egypt.”

There are currently seventeen exchange students from Egypt finishing up their spring semester at Arizona State University. Eliane, an undergraduate student from Ain Shams University who attended the exchange program, said, “I feel like I grew as a person.” And adds, “The whole experience was out of this world. Not just the courses, but the professors were amazing.”

The exchange program is a valuable opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in the energy industry. In addition to the exchange program, the center offers a range of other programs, including technical workshops and trainings, internships, and binational research projects and funding.

For more information on the exchange program and other center activities, visit the Center of Excellence for Energy’s website.

The Center of Excellence for Energy is funded by USAID with the support of the American people with a goal to help Egypt reach its target of 42% renewable energy by 2035 and position the country as a regional leader in clean energy. The center is operated by Arizona State University in partnership with three Egyptian universities: Ain Shams, Mansoura, and Aswan.

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