Control systems

The Systems and Controls program includes nine graduate courses in the areas of linear and nonlinear control systems, real-time and digital control systems, optimal control, distributed parameter systems, adaptive control, and neural networks. In addition, the theoretical material taught in the upper division undergraduate and graduate courses is enhanced through the use of computer and experimental projects.

Research activities

The control systems program concentrates on Ph.D. education sponsored by various federal and private sources. Most of the Ph.D. students receive financial support in the form of research assistantships or fellowships.


Elective courses

EEE 480 – Feedback Systems
EEE 481 –  Computer Controlled Systems

Graduate Courses

EEE 511 – Artificial Neural Computation Systems
EEE 550 – Transform Theory and Applications
EEE 554 – Random Signal Theory I
EEE 581 – Filtering of Stochastic Processes
EEE 582 – Linear System Theory
EEE 586 – Nonlinear Control Systems
EEE 587 – Optimal Control
EEE 588 – Design of Linear Multivariable Control Systems
EEE 686 – Adaptive Control Theory

Control systems faculty research interests