Engineering | School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Industry Advisory Council

Ben Adamo
CEO, Phoenix Analog

David Leeper
Senior Principal Engineer, Ultrawideband Networking, Intel Corp.

Rick Anderson

Eric C. Maas
Director, Technology Strategy & Strategic Alliances

Bernadette Buddington
Manager, Radar Engr./Site Operations
Lockheed Martin

Robert L. Melcher
CTO, Syntax-Brillan Corp.

Jack Davis
President, APS

Mark Phelps
Sr. Director, Electronic Systems Technology

Neil E. Hejny
Director, Electronics Center
Raytheon Missile Systems

Kevin Stoddard

Control Systems Division Manager, Brooks-PRI

Joseph W. Jackson

Manager, Flight Controls Business, Honeywell

Bill Twardy

Manager, Research for SRP

Tadija Janjic
Strategic Development Engineer, Texas Instruments

Sam Werner

Karl Johnson
Director of Microwave and Mixed Signal Technologies, Freescale

Peter Zdebel

CTO, ON Semiconductor

Mike Johnson
Vice President, Advanced Micro Devices

Thomas Zipperian
Unit Director, MESA Fabrication, Sandia National Laboratories