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Engineering | School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Lab kit information

Order a lab kit for:

  • EEE 120 Digital Design Fundamentals
  • EEE 202 Circuits I
  • EEE 334 Circuits I

All three classes use Analog Discovery 2, which recently replaced Analog Discovery 1 (now discontinued). If you see Analog Discovery 1 referenced in course materials, please disregard.

You are eligible for an academic discount through Digilent, Inc!
With the discount, the ADK2 comes out to $179 plus shipping from Pullman, WA. Buy now!

View academic pricing (PDF)

Order early because the verification process for your academic discount may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Verification saves you $100 — definitely worth the wait! Resellers (Dig-Key, Mouser, etc.) do not offer the student discount.

As an alternative, you can order the “NI edition” with the blue plastic parts directly from National Instruments, the parent company of Digilent.

If you plan to take EEE 202 and/or EEE 334 as well (both required for EE majors), we recommend getting the ADK2 with the parts kit from Digilent. The parts kit is great for the analog courses (and a bargain compared to purchasing the ICs from the distributors), but it lacks the digital ICs. Please check the separate Bill of Materials for the EEE 120 course for availability every single semester.

Enroll early in EEE 120, EEE 202, and EEE 334

If you are planning to take EEE 120, EEE 202, or EEE 334 you should enroll at least two weeks in advance to allow for academic verification and ordering/shipping of the ADK2 and the parts.

Early enrollment is important to succeeding in this class. The labs are time intensive, enrolling on the first or second day of class without the ADK2 and parts may cause a delay in starting the labs. It will be difficult to catch up in a seven-week class.

Please consult your class syllabus and/or your instructor if you have further questions about course materials.