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Engineering | School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Jennifer Kitchen

Assistant Professor
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ISTB4 551D

Research expertise: RF integrated transceivers on silicon and III-V materials (GaN), power management and distribution for high-frequency integrated circuits for consumer applications, low-power/long-term field deployment ICs for the military and green energy (solar arrays), programmable and broadband wireless transceivers for future generation (5G) wireless communication systems

Jennifer Kitchen received her Ph.D. in electrical engineering at Arizona State University in 2007. During her graduate studies, Kitchen was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, and a Semiconductor Research Corporation Master’s Scholar. While at ASU, from 2003-2006, Kitchen worked

for the RF power amplifier handset product group at Motorola, Inc., and Freescale Semiconductor. In 2007, she became the Arizona Design Center Manager for a startup company, Ubidyne, Inc., that aims to revolutionize wireless basestations by producing a digital antenna-embedded radio solution. In 2009, Kitchen joined ViaSat, Inc., as head of an IC (Integrated Circuit) design team within the Advanced Microwave Product Group. Her group focused on designing low-power integrated transceivers for SATCOM; among other chipsets for military applications. Kitchen joined the faculty of Arizona State University as an assistant professor of electrical engineering in 2012.

Her research focuses on efficiency-enhancement, integration and programmability of high-frequency (RF) circuits and systems. She uses silicon as well as III-V materials, such as gallium nitride, to create high-efficiency power management and power amplifier systems. She is also working on integrated electronics for solar arrays.

Professional preparation
Ph.D., electrical engineering, Arizona State University
M.S., electrical engineering, Arizona State University
B.S., electrical engineering, University of Arizona

Professional Associations
IEEE Member
IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) member
Technical Reviewer for publications such as RFIC, MTT, JSSC, and TCAS

Selected publications:

M.R. Hasin, J. Kitchen and B. Ardouin, “GaN-on-Si Transformer-Coupled Class D Power Amplifier”, in Proceedings of IEEE Radio Wireless Week, Jan 2015.

Ruhul Hasin, J. Kitchen, and B. Ardouin, “Characterization of High-Frequency GaN Circuits for Next Generation Wireless Systems,” Government Microcircuit Applications & Critical Technology Conf. (GOMACTech), March 2014.

Kitchen, W.Y. Chu, I. Deligoz, S. Kiaei and B. Bakkaloglu, “Combined linear and ΔM switch-mode PA supply modulator for polar transmitters,” IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 44, no. 2, pp. 404-413, February 2009.

Kitchen, I. Deligoz, S. Kiaei, and B. Bakkaloglu, “Polar modulated SiGe class E and F amplifiers using switch-mode supply modulation,” IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., vol. 55, no. 5, pp. 845-856, May 2007.