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Engineering | School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Portait of Lauren LevinLauren Levin

Manager, Academic Services
GWC 218

Lauren joined ASU in 2002 and ECEE advising in 2009. She has spent all of her years at ASU advising engineering students. Prior to that she completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Sociology at Illinois State University and her Ph.D. in Family Studies and Human Development at University of Arizona. In her role as Assistant Director, Lauren manages the ECEE advising center overseeing all advising operations and supervising the advisors. She enjoys motivating her fellow team members and helping her students achieve their educational dreams. She enjoys hiking and walking in nature, yoga, meditation and spending time with her family and two four-legged fur babies she adopted from the Arizona Chihuahua Rescue. She also treasures her time spent traveling, especially to Hawaii where she loves scuba diving and is blessed to swim with dolphins in the wild.