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Meet EyeTell, the next threat to touch screen passwords

Meet EyeTell, the next threat to touch screen passwords

If you’re smart, you change your passwords every six months and avoid using “password123” to secure your information. That should be enough to protect you, right? It might not be, say Arizona State University researchers trying to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity threats.

Passwords are the keys to our most personal information, and hackers are constantly coming up with unique ways to unmask them. They can install special software. The more ambitious hackers watch the hand movements of a victim typing their password or analyze the surrounding reflections, like in eyeglasses or nearby windows. Now, there’s a new, stealthier method that could make using passwords on a touch screen even more vulnerable.


When you type in your passcode to unlock your smartphone, or any touch screen, your eyes naturally follow your fingers’ movements, and hackers can use this to their advantage.

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September 18, 2018