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NanoFab helping businesses navigate the nanotech world

NanoFab helping businesses navigate the nanotech world

Dragan Grubisic knows the daunting challenges of trying to launch business startups in highly competitive tech industries.

In three and a half decades of experience in various photonics and entrepreneurship endeavors, he has seen how elusive the target can be on the long road from concept to commercialization.

Beyond financing, there is the research, technology development and product testing. Then there are the processing, fabrication and manufacturing operations. All that comes before marketing, merchandising and supply chain development.

Once over all those hurdles, businesses must position themselves to innovate so that new technological advances won’t eventually make their enterprises obsolete.

One example of a successful navigation of that path is the nearly 15-year-old company Grubisic leads as general manager, Laser Components DG, which has established a solid niche in the global photodetector market.

From the very beginning and over the years, Grubisic says the company — headquartered at the Arizona State University Research Park — has steadily grown and thrived in large part due to an ongoing collaboration with one of the university’s core user research facilities, NanoFab, and some of its associated faculty members.

Laser Components DG (the DG stands for Detector Group) is one of more than 100 startups and established companies that have benefitted from NanoFab’s wide array of high-tech research and development tools and the expertise of its technical staff and faculty members.

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March 16, 2018