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Engineering | School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Physical Electronics and Photonics

The physical electronics and photonics curriculum includes six upper-division undergraduate and numerous graduate courses in the areas of semiconductor materials, devices and characterization including microelectronics, nanoelectronics, photonics and photovoltaics, semiconductor processing and control, charge transport, computational electronics, as well as specialty courses.


Senior Level Undergraduate Courses

EEE 434 – Quantum Mechanics for Engineers
EEE 435 – Microelectronics
EEE 436 – Fundamentals of Solid-State Devices
EEE 437 – Optoelectronics
EEE 439 – Semiconductor Facilities and Cleanroom Practices
EEE 465 – Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

Graduate Courses

EEE 530 – Advanced Silicon Processing
EEE 531 – Semiconductor Device Theory I
EEE 532 – Semiconductor Device Theory II
EEE 533 – Semiconductor Process/Device Simulation
EEE 534 – Semiconductor Transport
EEE 535 – Electron Transport in Nanostructures
EEE 536 – Semiconductor Characterization
EEE 537 – Fundamentals of Optoelectronics
EEE 538 – Optoelectronic Devices
EEE 539 – Introduction to Solid-State Electronics
EEE 565 – Solar Cells

Research Activities

The faculty in the Physical Electronics and Photonics program are actively pursuing research in many areas of semiconductor materials and devices. They engage students in the MSE, MS, and PhD programs. Research is typically supported by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and private industry.

Research Matrix

Find a faculty advisor that matches your research interests
FacultyFlexible electronicsNanostructuresSensorsSemiconductor device modelingDevices for bio environments and bio-inspired materialsSemiconductor materials sciencePhotovoltaicsLasers, LEDs, optoelectronicsMEMSTransistors, integrated circuits
David AlleeXXX
Hugh BarnabyXXX
Mariana BertoniXX
Jennifer Blain ChristenXXXX
Yu (Kevin) CaoXX
Junseok ChaeXX
David FerryXXX
Stephen GoodnickXXXX
Michael GoryllXX
Zachary HolmanXXX
Christiana HonsbergXXX
Michael KozickiXXX
Richard KiehlXXX
Richard R. KingXX
Ying-Cheng LaiX
George Maracas
Cun-Zheng NingXXX
Stephen PhillipsXXX
Marco SaranitiXX
Brian SkrommeX
Meng TaoXX
Nongjian TaoXXXX
Trevor ThorntonXX
Dragica VasileskaXX

Chao Wang
Yu YaoXX
Hongbin YuXXX
Shimeng YuX
Yong-Hang ZhangXXX
Yuji ZhaoXX