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Yang Weng

Assistant Professor
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Yang Weng joined the ASU faculty as an assistant professor in January 2017. He received five degrees in three disciplines for an interdisciplinary research: a BS in Electrical Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, an M.S. degree in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Chicago, two M.S. degrees in Machine Learning (School of Computer Science) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and a Ph.D. degree in ECE  from CMU. Before joining ASU, he is a TomKat postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University, where he is one of the leaders in a Department of Energy (DOE) sponsored project on visualization and machine learning for distribution systems with deep renewable penetration.

Research expertise

Power systems, machine learning, demand response, data analytics, cyber-physical systems, and convex optimization

Recognition and awards

Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Smart Grid Communication (2012), Ranking First at the International Conference on Smart Grid Communication (2013), Best Papers at IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (2014), ABB fellowship (2014)

Selected publications

Y. Weng, R. Negi, C. Faloutsos, and M. D. Ilic, “Robust Data-Driven State Estimation for Smart Grid”, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids, pp. 1-12, Jan. 2016.
Y. Weng, M. D. Ilic, Q. Li, and R. Negi, “Convexification of Bad Data and Topology Error Detection and Identification Problems in AC Electric Power Systems”, IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, vol. 9, no. 16, pp. 2760-2767, Dec. 2015.
Q. Li, T. Cui, Y. Weng, R. Negi, F. Franchetti, and M. D. Ilic, “An information theoretic approach to PMU placement in electric power systems”, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Special Issue on Computational Intelligence Applications in Smart Grids, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 446-456, Mar. 2013, Invited.
Y. Weng and D. Tuninetti, “Outage Analysis of Block-Fading Gaussian Interference Channels”, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 57, no. 10, pp. 6487-6501, Oct. 2011.
M. D. Ilic, X. Yin, Q. Liu, and Y. Weng, “Toward Combining Intra-Real Time Dispatch (RTD) and AGC for On-Line Power Balancing”, IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM), National Harbor, MD, Jul. 2014. (Best Papers)
Y. Weng, R. Negi and M. D. Ilic, “Graphical Model for State Estimation in Electric Power Systems”, IEEE SmartGridComm Symposium (SGC), Vancouver, Canada, Oct. 2013. (Ranking First of All Submissions)
Y. Weng, R. Negi, and M. D. Ilic, “A Search Method for Obtaining Initial Guesses for Smart Grid State Estimation”, IEEE SmartGridComm Symposium (SGC), Tainan, Taiwan, Dec. 2012. (Best Paper Award)