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Join the ECEE Student Mentor Program

The ECEE Student Mentor Program was established in 2014 as an opportunity for student volunteers to assist us in interacting with new and prospective students at ASU.

Each semester, the ECEE Advising Office is responsible for organizing, hosting, and participating in a number of events aimed at recruiting and retaining quality students in ECEE. As part of this effort, we feel it is important for new and prospective students to hear about the ASU experience from actual students – such as you! Our ECEE Student Mentors join us in meeting these students, explaining to them just what it means to attend a major university, and encouraging them to attend ASU.



I really enjoy being a Mentor because the experience brought me closer to my department, ECEE, and helped me forge important relationships with fellow students, my advisers and my professors. I became a Mentor because I enjoy giving back and sharing with others the personal and academic growth I have experienced as an Electrical Engineering student at ASU. The Mentor program is a very rewarding experience because it presented me an opportunity to inspire new engineering students, while developing crucial skills in public speaking and leadership.


Ngoni M.

I became a Mentor because I discovered first-hand how helpful it is to have an older student reach out to you and talk to you about any concerns you might have. I wanted to reach out to younger students and help them through understanding more about Electrical Engineering, and listen to any of their thoughts and uncertainties. It really helped me talking to Upper Division EEs about their experience so that I could decide that EE was the right choice for me. I discovered that no matter what your passion is, you can find a way to apply what you learn here at ASU in your EE classes to that field. This advice was so helpful to me that I hope to share it with other students just starting their path towards an Electrical Engineering degree.

Matt J.

The program gives our Student Mentors an opportunity to get involved in activities outside of the usual classroom setting and to achieve the recognition that comes with community service. It also creates a vehicle for newly enrolled students to interact with existing successful students in a friendly, casual environment. Simply put, our goal in promoting the ECEE Student Mentor Program is to assist all our students, whether prospective students still in high school or at the community college, new enrollees, or your fellow classmates, to succeed at their highest level.

Finally, the ECEE undergraduate program engages the Student Mentors directly in developing feedback about the program and seeking suggestions for improvement. Specifically, the mentors review the EE program educational outcomes each year with the EE program chair and the director of the school.

Sound interesting? We encourage you to apply and join your peers in this exciting opportunity!

Contact the Student Mentor Program Coordinator, Gia McLaughlin, who can be reached at To be eligible, you must have attended at least one semester at ASU and must be in good academic standing.

Volunteer now and enrich your ASU experience!



I became a Mentor because I believed I can offer what faculty mentors cannot. As someone who was in the same position as the mentees a few semesters ago, I was able to relate to the students’ concerns and offer examples of how I tackled those exact challenges.

Weidong Y.


It was definitely a very cool program to be a part of!


George C.