Tim Carroll, owner and CEO of Automated Control Technologies, didn’t start his engineering career in a traditional manner; he was going to school to join the police force when he got a job drafting electrical diagrams.

“I had drafting experience and electrical experience from my high school days, and I needed a job because I lived up in the ‘boondocks’ in Michigan,” Carroll says.

Following that serendipity, life then led him across the country to establish his Tempe-based material handling equipment company in 2002. Automated Control Technologies provides software, conveyor systems for sorting and moving packages and mail, control consoles and installation services. The company’s clients include government organizations such as the U.S. Postal Service.

Carroll says he values his employees and rewards those who have a strong work ethic. He believes in paying people fairly and providing a strong benefits package, so many staff have worked for him for 10 and even 25 years.

Carroll’s desire to provide opportunities to those who work hard inspired him to start a scholarship fund.

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