Center of Excellence for Energy

Arizona State University to lead new center focused on energizing Egypt

The Center of Excellence for Energy will be led by Sayfe Kiaei and supported by an experienced team of technical and operations staff both in Egypt and the U.S.

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Outstanding graduates

Outstanding graduates

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering recognizes students who have worked diligently to excel academically and contribute to advancing the Fulton...

Time-traveling through VR

Time-traveling through VR

Students, who were the first to use the new Dreamscape Learn virtual reality platform, unveiled their time-traveling climate-change scenario.

Demo Day is December 3

Demo Day is December 3

Join us virtually this Friday to interact with electrical engineering teams at the Senior Capstone Project Showcase.


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$38,838,255 – Dollars in research expenditures FY ’20

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The electrical engineering PhD program – Turning curiosity into expert engineers

Graduate courses and programs are offered in the following six areas of specialization:

  • Control systems
  • Electromagnetics, antennas and microwave circuits
  • Electronic and mixed-signal circuit design
  • Electric power and energy systems
  • Physical Electronics and Photonics
  • Signal processing and communications systems

Our research

Our research areas reflect the diversity of the electrical engineering profession and range from the very small (nano-scale electronic devices and their modeling), to the very large (the U.S. electric power grid and its control).

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