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Enhancing wireless systems

The Young Investigator Award enables Assistant Professor Saeed Zeinolabedinzadeh to expand research to develop next-generation wireless technologies.

Empowering women

Four highly accomplished and motivated ECEE women have earned scholarships from the Society of Women Engineers.

Not your average Joe

Joseph and Sandra Palais inspire the next generation of engineers and educators with their philanthropy.

A rising star among us

Ivan Sanchez Esqueda’s research on disruptive nanoelectronic computing technology has earned him an Intel Rising Star Award.

An electrified career honored 

In recognition of her accolades in the areas of service, teaching and research, Professor Chaitali Chakrabarti is this year’s Joseph C. Palais Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award recipient.

A world of possibilities

The ASU-ACCEL project co-led by ECEE’s Jennifer Blain Christen encourages engineering students to develop and modify #AssistiveTechnology for their community.

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