Electrical engineering PhD

The electrical engineering faculty in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering offer a doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Graduate courses and programs are offered in the following six areas of specialization:

The PhD in electrical engineering is awarded upon evidence of excellence in research leading to a scholarly dissertation that is a contribution to knowledge.

Degree requirements

The PhD program requires the following: 84 credit hours, a Written Comprehensive Exam, an Oral Comprehensive Exam, a Prospectus and a Dissertation.

PhD students are required to complete 84 credit hours of academic credit beyond the bachelor’s degree. The following summarizes the degree course requirements:

  1. Master’s degree: 30 hours, from any accredited institution.
  2. 500-level or above: 18 hours (6 classes), at least nine hours of EEE courses. No more than 1 course of EEE 790 Reading and Conference. No EEE 591 courses allowed in this category.
  3. Research class or omnibus course hours: 12 hours, can be all EEE 792 Research credits and/or coursework. EEE 591 courses allowed here. can be 400-level and above.
  4. Research: 12 hours (EEE 792).
  5. Dissertation: 12 hours (EEE 799).

A qualifying examination, a comprehensive exam, and the dissertation defense are required. Additional information on the program can be found in the Graduate Program Handbook.