Aryan Shetty joined the Arizona State University mechanical engineering program as an international student in the Fall 2020 semester. However, he quickly realized after his first circuits class that his true passion lies in electrical engineering.

Though he joined during the initial peak of the covid pandemic, he was still able to get an excellent start to his ASU journey thanks to the accommodations in place at the university, which he describes as “fantastic.” Aryan wanted to pursue engineering thanks to his fascination and curiosity from a young age about how engineering impacts almost everything in the world. Aryan was born and raised in Dubai, a city known for its diversity of individuals, who he says come from almost every country in the world.

In his high school, Aryan was elected as head of the student council, a position requiring him to guide junior leaders, run workshops and coordinate diverse events. At ASU, Aryan has been a section leader for multiple ASU 101 classes, which introduce students to their programs. He believes his experience as a section leader will be of immense help to effectively guide new, continuing and prospective students as an ambassador.

Aryan has also interned at four different engineering companies during summer breaks. These internships provided him with the perfect opportunity to selectively apply the knowledge gained from ASU’s engineering program and to experience firsthand day-to-day professional industry life. Interacting with a multitude of clients on a regular basis helped him enhance his technical and interpersonal skills.

Aryan’s advice for students:

“Cultivate a growth mindset. Seek and use every opportunity to learn new things and enhance your knowledge. Take full advantage of the abundant opportunities available for students at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Arizona State University is the melting pot for experts from various fields eager to share their knowledge and experience. Interacting with them is invaluable. Lastly, don’t get too excited about academic success or too upset about failure. If you have made a sincere effort, irrespective of the results, you will always be content and success will soon follow.”

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