The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University recently hosted the 2023 Fulton Schools of Engineering Hall of Fame ceremony in which the school welcomed four new honorees into the ranks.

The Fulton Schools are a hub for research progress, innovative engineering education, and impactful connections to the community and a rapidly evolving industry landscape. Throughout its decadeslong journey to becoming an engineering and technology leader, hundreds of thousands of faculty, students, collaborators and stakeholders have been and remain part of the Fulton Schools community.

The Fulton Schools of Engineering Hall of Fame provides a platform to highlight the achievements of visionary individuals whose accomplishments, commitment to engineering and lifetime of impact personify what it means to be a Fulton Schools engineer.

“Each of these exceptional individuals exemplifies our values of excellence, innovation, bold thinking and, most importantly, building a foundation for everyone to succeed,” said Kyle Squires, dean of the Fulton Schools and ASU’s vice provost of engineering, computing and technology, who served as the emcee for the ceremony.

Inductees George Beakley Jr., Jon Bayless, Armand Neukermans and Margaret Woodward were recognized as exemplars of the Fulton Schools’ vision of access, excellence and innovation.

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