Joshua Kim started his freshman year at Arizona State University in the fall of 2020. Fresh off of a mission trip to the Philippines and full of excitement for his brand new adventure at ASU, he could not have anticipated the curveball life was about to throw at him. On top of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joshua was seriously injured in a car crash in his first semester of school.

Now recovered, he enjoys exercising regularly, including boxing. He is also the financial officer for ASU’s Latter-Day Saint Student Association-Tempe Campus, sings barbershop in the Phoenician Chorus and was president of the Tempe Institute Choir for almost two years.

After graduation, he will teach at the Navy Nuclear Power School in Charleston, South Carolina. Starting in April 2022, Joshua has been doing research on analog computing to streamline neural network processing and presented his first paper at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers International Conference on Rebooting Computing in San Francisco in December 2022.

Currently, his research focuses primarily on the nonlinearity of memristive devices and radiation effects for metal oxide resistive random-access memory, or ReRAM.

Joshua’s advice for students:

“Never be afraid to ask questions or go to office hours. Professors and TAs cannot help you if they do not know that you need help.”

Email: [email protected]