Elaine Greer started at Arizona State University as a first-year biomedical engineering student in fall 2021. In high school, math and science were always Elaine’s favorite subjects, but her school didn’t offer many engineering classes. After taking introductory coding and circuits classes at ASU, she knew she wanted to switch majors to electrical engineering.

Elaine found circuit analysis and coding projects to be fun puzzles to solve, and the wide variety of electrical engineering career pathways available allow her to explore additional concentrations. Now a junior, she enjoys how all of her classes are coming together to offer different perspectives on the same topics to understand them as a whole.

Outside of class, she has been involved with Engineering Projects in Community Service, where she joined a team working on a semi-autonomous water cleaning robot, as well as the Society of Women Engineers and Chinese American Student Association, both of which she found to be great opportunities to connect with and empower others of similar backgrounds and who have undergone similar hardships.

When Elaine needs a break from coursework, she enjoys crocheting, playing games on her Nintendo Switch, running and playing tennis.

Elaine’s advice for students:

“It’s never too late to try something. Figuring out your passions and interests takes time, and it’s always worth the pursuit, no matter what point you’re at in college or life.”

Email: [email protected]