Hanson Nguyen enrolled in Arizona State University’s electrical engineering program in the fall of 2022. Hanson was attracted by ASU’s versatility at the intersection of engineering, physics and math. Since then, he has been able to nerd out in the many programs offered through electrical engineering and discovered his passion for quantum computing research.

In high school, being the president of the math club and involved in a robotics team solidified his interests in engineering. However, it wasn’t until Hanson got to college that he began to delve deeper into his passions.

Beginning in his first year, he went on a spree of joining different clubs and programs offered at ASU. From Engineering Projects in Community Service to research in solar materials through the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative, he discovered which areas of electrical engineering best fit his interests.

Through his prior experiences in research and courses he had taken in quantum mechanics, Hanson found himself gravitating toward more physics-related topics. Luckily, the electrical engineering program has many opportunities for him to continue exploring that path.

Hanson is currently in a lab conducting research focused on quantum topics under ASU researcher Joseph Lukens. Hanson works on Bayesian methods for quantum state tomography of multiqubit systems.

In his role, Hanson is able to explore more math- and physics-related topics in electrical engineering. Electrical engineering courses in semiconductors and hardware design languages have also given him the chance to develop a wide array of universally useful skills.

After graduation, Hanson plans to attend graduate school and obtain his doctoral degree doing research in superconducting quantum computing hardware.

Advice for incoming students:
“Exploration. I believe that delving into various realms of electrical engineering, ranging from circuit design to electromagnetism, is essential in discovering your own path. Learn from third- and fourth-year students and professors who provide guidance in your career. Joining clubs and projects is also essential to discovering your interests in electrical engineering.”

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