Jacob Grantham started his electrical engineering education in the fall of 2023 at Arizona State University. Unlike many students in the program, electrical engineering was never one of Jacob’s dream careers.

He always knew about it due to some family members in the profession, but he wasn’t motivated to study the field. In fact, when applying to ASU, Jacob originally declared his major as biology with an emphasis on pre-med.

As time approached to prepare for college, he learned more about power systems and decided it was something he was interested in pursuing. Still exploring his future, Jacob is excited about his experience at ASU pursuing his electrical engineering degree and exploring the pathways offered.

Outside of the program, he has not explored many extracurricular options yet. In fall 2024, Jacob plans on joining several different student organizations, such as ASU’s student chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE. He also enjoys working out, spending time with his friends and expanding his knowledge of electrical engineering.

After graduation, Jacob plans on pursuing his master’s degree in electrical engineering with an emphasis in power systems. He also plans on completing a Fundamentals of Engineering, or FE, exam as a step to becoming a Professional Engineer.

Jacob’s advice for students:

Your professors are there to help you! You should attend office hours, sit in the front of your class and actively engage in each lesson. This puts you one step ahead of the other students each professor has.

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