Electric power and energy systems research

The electric power and energy systems curriculum in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering includes six upper division undergraduate and fourteen graduate courses in the area of power system analysis, power generation, transmission and distribution, power system dynamics and stability, energy conversion, electric machines, power electronics, high voltage engineering, and nuclear power engineering.

ASU is the lead university in the Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC), an industrially and federally supported program of industry/university cooperation. Students are exposed to industrial projects, professional society meetings, laboratory experience, and research partially supported by PSERC. More information about PSERC may be found at http://www.pserc.org

Also, the ASU power engineering program is part of a NSF funded engineering research center, the Future Renewable Electric Energy Distribution Management (FREEDM) center.  The FREEDM center deals with the use of solid state controllers and devices to implement a ‘next generation’ power distribution system, including distributed energy resources.

Research activities

The EPES program concentrates on PhD education sponsored by various federal and private sources. Most of the PhD students receive financial support in the form of research assistantships or fellowships.


Upper division undergraduate courses

EEE 460: Nuclear Power Engineering
EEE 463: Electrical Power Plants
EEE 470: Electric Power Devices
EEE 471: Power System Analyses
EEE 472 – Power Electronics
EEE 473: Electrical Machinery

Elective courses

EEE 562: Nuclear Reactor Theory and Design
EEE 563: Nuclear Reactor System Dynamics and Diagnostics
EEE 564: Interdisciplinary Nuclear Power Operations
EEE 571: Power System Transients
EEE 572: Advanced Power Electronics
EEE 574: Computer Solution of Power System
EEE 577: Power Engineering Operations and Planning
EEE 579: Power Transmission and Distribution
EEE 598: Electric Power Quality
EEE 598: Power System Stability
EEE 598: Power System Dynamics
EEE 598 : Power Electronics applications in Power Systems
EEE 770: Advanced Topics in Power Systems

Electric power and energy systems faculty research interests