Electromagnetic, antennas and microwave circuits research

The electromagnetics, antennas and microwave circuits curriculum includes senior level undergraduate and graduate level courses in the areas of engineering electromagnetics, antennas, microwave and terahertz circuits and devices, fiber optics, and lasers. The graduate research program is supplemented by the Electromagnetic Anechoic Chamber, Millimeter-Wave Antenna Measurement Facility, Microwave Fabrication Facility, Microwave Characterization Laboratory, Electromagnetics Graphics Laboratory, and Electronic Packaging Laboratory. In addition, computers and associated software are incorporated in many of the upper division undergraduate and graduate courses to enhance the theoretical material taught in the courses.

Research activities

The faculty in the electromagnetics group are involved in research on many areas of applied electromagnetics, including: metamaterials; smart antennas; beamforming and scanning techniques; flexible antennas; miniature, wideband and reconfigurable antennas; tunable and reconfigurable microwave circuits; RF micro-electro-mechanical systems; biomedical applications; metamaterials; and fast computational electromagnetic methods.

Sponsors of the electromagnetics, antennas and microwave circuits research program include the National Science Foundation; National Aeronautics and Space Administration;  National Institutes of Health; Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; Army Research Office; Office of Naval Research; Engineering Foundation; Sandia National Laboratories; local, regional, and national industry; and the Advanced Helicopter Electromagnetics (AHE) Industrial Associates Program — a unique research consortium encompassing ASU as well as several government agencies and helicopter companies.


Senior Level Undergraduate Courses

EEE 443- Antennas Wireless Communications
EEE 445- Microwaves
EEE 448- Fiber Optics

Graduate Courses

EEE 540- Fast Computing Electromagnetics
EEE 541- Electromagnetic Fields/ Guided Waves
EEE 543- Antenna Analysis and Design
EEE 545- Microwave Circuit Design
EEE 546- Advanced Fiber Optics
EEE 547- Microwave Solid-State Circuit Design 1
EEE 548- Coherent Optics
EEE 641- Advanced Electromagnetic Field Theory
EEE 643- Advanced Topics in Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic, antennas and microwave circuits faculty research interests