Signal processing and communications research

The School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at Arizona State University offers instruction in the related areas of signal processing and communications systems (SP/Comm) at the graduate level. Courses are also offered for beginning graduate students in the SP/Comm area to bridge any gaps that might exist between their undergraduate course work and the 500-level offerings at ASU. Students may choose from among several 500-level courses ranging from offerings primarily intended for first-year students to special topics courses designed to acquaint advanced graduate students with research topics of current interest.


Communications Courses

EEE 455 – Communication Systems
EEE 459 – Communication Networks
EEE 551 – Information Coding Theory
EEE 552 – Digital Communications
EEE 553 – Coding and Cryptography
EEE 557 –Broadband Networks
EEE 558 – Wireless Communications

Signal Processing Courses

EEE 404 – Real-Time Digital Signal Processing
EEE 407 – Digital Signal Processing
EEE 505 – Time-Frequency Signal Processing
EEE 506 – Digital Spectral Analysis
EEE 507 – Multidimensional Signal Processing
EEE 508 – Digital Image Processing and Compression
EEE 509 – DSP Algorithms and Software  (online only)
EEE 510 – Multimedia Signal Processing (online only)
EEE 550 – Transform Theory and Applications
EEE 554 – Random Signal Theory
EEE 555 – Modeling and Performance Analysis
EEE 556 – Detection and Estimation Theory
EEE 581 – Filtering and Stochastic Processes
EEE 606 – Adaptive Signal Processing
EEE 607 – Speech Coding for Multimedia Communications

Special Topics Courses–EEE 598

Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications and Networking
Multicarrier Communication Systems and OFDM
Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
Time-Varying Signal Processing
Speech Recognition Algorithms
Space time coding
Advanced Linear Algebra and Optimization

Signal Processing and Communications faculty research interests