Skill Letter Verification Process

Requirements to request a skill verification letter from the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (ECEE) are as follows:


1. ECEE does not create skill verification letter templates for this process. Providing a skill verification letter template is solely the responsibility of the petitioner. A skill verification letter should be unique to the Instructor of Record who taught the course you acquired your skill from. The petitioner should work with their company immigration attorney to obtain a template letter.

2. Please provide a skill verification template letter for each course taken and provide the name of the Instructor of Record who taught the course.

  • For example, if the skill requested is for EEE 523, you would submit a single skill verification letter listing all the skill verifications related to this course PLUS provide the name of the Instructor of Record who taught the course.

3. Skill verification letters that list multiple skills for multiple courses for a variety of faculty will not be accepted as stated in item #2 above and will be returned to be corrected.

  • Exception to item #2 – if you were in enrolled in a thesis or dissertation degree plan, your thesis or dissertation Chair can sign off on all skills on a single skill verification letter. Please identify who your thesis or dissertation Chair was when submitting your document.

4. Provide your ASU transcript with each course highlighted. Unofficial is fine.

5. If the template letter has any reference to your gender (i.e., he/she), please be sure to adjust this on your template to be the pronoun of your choice.

6. Please be sure that your name is spelled correctly in the template.

7. ECEE only accepts skill verification letters for electrical engineering courses. Contact the appropriate school if the course is not an electrical engineering course.

Once you have met the requirements provided above, please send your request for a skill letter verification to Cynthia Moayedpardazi at Allow 1-2 weeks for your request to be reviewed.


CSE courses fall under the School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence (SCAI, formally CIDSE). SCAI has a specific procedure for submitting a skill letter verification request. Please submit your request for skill letter verification for CSE courses at and also to view which skills have previously been verified. If your skill is too long or detailed, you may have to modify your template. Additionally, SCAI does not verify dates of attendance.

For more information contact

Cynthia Moayedpardazi

Cynthia Moayedpardazi

Business Operations Manager Senior