Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

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James Aberle, Associate Professor
(480) 965-8588
GWC 326
ASU Faculty Since: 1989
Expertise: Antennas and RF systems for wireless communications, modeling of complex electromagnetic phenomena, electromagnetics, antennas and microwave circuits.
David Allee, Professor
(480) 965-6470
GWC 347
ASU Faculty Since: 1991
Expertise: Flexible electronics, large area sensing arrays, VLF electric and magnetic fields, fundamental and external electrical noise, nanometer scale device and nanofabrication.
Raja Ayyanar, Associate Professor
(480) 727-7307
ERC 587
ASU Faculty Since: 2000
Expertise: Power electronics, DC-DC converters, voltage regulators and power management, power conversion and control for renewable energy interface, especially PV and wind, smart grid technologies, plug-in electric vehicles, and motor drives.
Bertan Bakkaloglu, Professor

(480) 727-0293
GWC 302B
ASU Faculty Since: 2004
Exptertise: RF and mixed-signal IC design, integrated power management circuits for high reliability applications, biomedical and chemical instrumentation ICs.
Constantine Balanis, Regents’ Professor
(480) 965-3909
GWC 452
ASU Faculty Since: 1983
Expertise: Computational electromagnetic methods (FDTD, FEM, MoM, O/GTD/UTD, PO/PTD) for antennas, scattering and high-intensity radiated fields (HIRF), flexible antennas using FDC plastic, smart/adaptive antennas for wireless communications.
Hugh Barnaby, Associate Professor
(480) 727-0289
GWC 316
ASU Faculty Since: 2004
Expertise: Semiconductors for hostile environments, device physics and modeling, microelectronic device and sensor design and manufacturing, analog/RF/mixed signal circuit design and test.
personnel_visarVisar Berisha, Assistant Professor, Joint appointment with Department of Speech and Hearing Science
(480) 727-6455
Coor Hall, 3472
ASU Faculty Since: 2013
Expertise: Statistical signal processing, speech and audio perception, machine learning.
Bertoni_Mariana_WEBMariana Bertoni, Assistant Professor
(480) 727-0755
ERC 173
ASU Faculty Since: 2012
Expertise: Defect engineering of solar cell materials, transparent conducting oxides, defects in semiconductors, synthesis, growth and deposition of semiconductors, electrical and optical characterization, X-ray microscopy.
Jennifer Blain Christen,
Assistant Professor

GWC 334
ASU Faculty Since: 1983
Expertise: Bio-compatible integration techniques for CMOS electronics, microfluidics and soft lithography, MEMS devices with emphasis on bio-MEMS, analog and mixed-mode VLSI for bio-medical/analytical instrumentation including SOS/SOI technologies.
Bliss_DanWEBDaniel Bliss, Associate Professor
(480) 965-3913
GWC 428
ASU Faculty Since: 2012
Expertise: Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communications, distributed cooperative communications, full-duplex relays, geolocation techniques, MIMO radar, nonlocal Bayesian estimation bounds, channel phenomenology and signal processing for anticipatory medical applications.
Brunhaver_John_3167wJohn Brunhaver, Assistant Professor
ASU Faculty Since: 2015
Expertise: VLSI design, computer architecture, procedural
hardware generation, computer vision accelerators, computer graphics
Yu Cao, Associate Professor
(480) 965-1472
GWC 336
ASU Faculty Since: 2002
Expertise: Physical modeling of nanoscale technologies, design solutions for variability and reliability, and reliable integration of post-silicon technologies.
Junseok Chae, Associate Professor

(480) 965-2082
GWC 312
ASU Faculty Since: 2005
Expertise: Microelectromechanical systems sensors/actuators, micro-EMS packaging, hybrid integration: from nano to micro, micro to macro-worlds, and bio-MEMS.
Chakrabarti_ChaitaliWEB13Chaitali Chakrabarti, Professor
GWC 418
ASU Faculty Since: 1990
Expertise: VLSI architectures and algorithms for media processing and wireless communications, low-power embedded system design, including those powered by fuel cellbattery sources, low power algorithm design and algorithm-architecture co-design of signal processing systems.
Picture_Website_srabantiSrabanti Chowdhury, Assistant Professor
ASU Faculty Since: 2013
Expertise: power electronics, gallium nitride material for device application in high voltage and high frequency electronics, High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs), device reliability, understanding failure modes (at a product level), device physics, study of dielectric materials and its characterization and device simulation.
Lawrence Clark, Professor

(480) 727-0295
GWC 234
ASU Faculty Since: 2004
Expertise: Circuits and architectures for low power and high performance VLSI, radiation hardened circuit design and CAD for VLSI.
Douglas Cochran, Associate Professor
(480) 965-7409
GWC 664
ASU Faculty Since: 1989
Expertise: Sensor signal processing, applied harmonic analysis, detection theory.
Tolga Duman, Professor
(480) 965-7888
GWC 411B
ASU Faculty Since: 1998
Expertise: Digital communications, wireless and mobile communications, channel coding, coded modulation, multiuser communications, information theory, and underwater acoustic communications.
David Ferry, Regents’ Professor
(480) 965-2570
ERC 559
ASU Faculty Since: 1983
Expertise: Transport physics and modeling of quantum effects in submicron semiconductor devices, scanning gate microscopy of quantum properties of mesoscopic devices.
David Frakes, Assistant Professor
(480) 727-9284
ISTB1 281 F
ASU Faculty Since: 2008
Expertise: General – image and video processing, fluid dynamics, machine vision; specific – endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms, surgical planning for congenital heart defects, suppression of atmospheric distortion in video, and control of flexible systems.
Stephen Goodnick, Professor

(480) 965-9572
ERC 552
ASU Faculty Since: 1996
Expertise: Solid state device physics, transport in nanostructures, nanoelectronic devices and circuits, computational electronics, RF and microwave devices, optoelectronic and energy conversion devices.
Ravi Gorur, Professor
(480) 965-4894
GWC 214 and ERC 515
ASU Faculty Since: 1987
Expertise: Dielectrics and electrical insulating materials for outdoor power delivery, nanodielectrics, electric field calculations, HV testing techniques and computer-aided design.
Michael Goryll, Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Chair

(480) 965-9517
ERC 153
ASU Faculty Since: 2007
Expertise: Surface and interface physics, new materials in CMOS processing, fabrication of nanoscale semiconductor devices, biosensors based on silicon, biological signal transduction phenomena, electrophysiological properties of cell membrane ion channels, lownoise analog amplifier circuit design, electronic instrumentation for biophysical measurements.
Kory Hedman, Assistant Professor
(480) 965-1276
ERC 579
ASU Faculty Since: 2010
Expertise: Energy systems, power system economics, mathematical programming, operations and planning, transmission engineering, renewable energy, market design, financial engineering, and game theory.
Gerald Heydt, Regents’ Professor
(480) 965-8307
ERC 507
ASU Faculty Since: 1994
Power engineering, electric power quality, distribution engineering, transmission engineering, computer applications in power engineering, power engineering education, power system sensors and instrumentation.
Keith Holbert, Associate Professor
(480) 965-8594
ERC 581
ASU Faculty Since: 1989
Process monitoring and diagnostics, sensor fault detection, instrumentation development, fuzzy logic, spacecraft charging, and radiation effects on electronics.
Zachary Holman, Assistant Professor

ASU Faculty Since: 2013
Expertise: Novel uses of nanoparticles in solar cells, light management in crystalline and thin-film silicon solar cells, semiconductor nanoparticles, optical and electronic properties of nanoscale materials, plasma synthesis of powders, deposition of powders and thin films.
Christiana Honsberg, Professor

ERC 539
ASU Faculty Since: 2008
Expertise: Ultra-high efficiency solar cells, and silicon solar cells.
George Karady, Professor
(480) 965-6569
ERC 589
ASU Faculty Since: 1986
Expertise: Power electronics, high voltage engineering and power systems.
Karam_Lina_Sp13WEBLina Karam, Professor
(480) 965-3694
GWC 430
ASU Faculty Since: 1995
Expertise: Image and video processing, compression, and transmission, visual quality assessment, human visual perception, multidimensional signal processing, digital filtering, source coding, and bio-medical imaging.
Sayfe Kiaei, Professor, Associate Dean, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
sayfe at asu dot edu
(480) 727-7761
GWC 302D
ASU Faculty Since: 2001
Expertise: Wireless transceiver design, RF and mixed-signal ICs.
Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 6.27.27 PMRichard Kiehl, Professor
ASU Faculty Since: 2014
Expertise: Physical electronics: novel device concepts, fabrication processes, characterization techniques and circuit architectures for nanoscale electronics with applications in information processing, signal processing and sensing.
Jennifer Kitchen, Assistant Professor

(480) 965-1857
GWC 314
ASU Faculty Since: 2012
Expertise: Efficiency and power management for high-frequency circuits and systems.
Kosut_OliverWEBOliver Kosut, Assistant Professor

(480) 727-6020
GWC 422
ASU Faculty Since: 2012
Expertise: Information theory, power systems and smart grids, security and sparse recovery.
Michael Kozicki, Professor

(480) 965-2572
ERC 561
ASU Faculty Since: 1985
Expertise: Integrated/solid-state nanoionics, low-energy non-volatile memory, self-healing electrodes and interconnects, and nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS).
Ying-Cheng Lai, Professor

(480) 965-6668
GWC 610
ASU Faculty Since: 1999
Expertise: Nonlinear dynamics, quantum transport in nanostructures, complex networks, signal processing, and biological physics.
Deirdre Meldrum, Professor

(480) 965-9235
ASU Faculty Since: 2007
Expertise: Automation in life sciences, automation, micro- and nanotechnologies, microscale systems, lab-on-achip, single cell, genomics, ecogenomics, robotics, control systems.
Ning_Cun-Zheng_Sp13WEBCun-Zheng Ning, Professor
(480) 965-7421
GWC 614
ASU Faculty Since: 2006
Expertise: Nanophotonics, nanowires, surface plasmons and nanolasers, nanomaterials-based detectors and solar cells, physics of nanostructures and manybody effects, modeling and simulation of optoelectronic devices, quantum optics, and two-photon lasers, geometric phases, stochastic resonances.
Ogras_Umit_3750bUmit Ogras, Assistant Professor
(480) 727-0294
GWC 320
ASU Faculty Since: 2013
Expertise: Digital VLSI design, embedded systems and electronic design automation with particular emphasis on multiprocessor systems-on-chip (MPSoC) and multicore architectures.
Sule Ozev, Associate Professor
(480) 727-7547
GWC 311
ASU Faculty Since: 2008
Expertise: Self-test and selfcalibration for wireless transceivers, analysis and mitigation of process variations for mixed signal and digital circuits, fault-tolerant and reconfigurable heterogeneous systems, mixed signal circuit testing.
Joseph Palais, Professor Emeritus (FSC), Graduate Program Chair

(480) 965-3757
GWC 222
ASU Faculty Since: 1964
Expertise: Fiber optic communications, holography, and distance education.
George Pan, Professor
(480) 965-1732
GWC 318
ASU Faculty Since: 1995
Expertise: Computational electromagnetics, high-speed electronics packaging, magnetic resonant imaging RF coil design and analysis, inverse scattering, rough surface scattering, millimeter-wave antenna systems.
Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola, Professor

(480) 965-7881
ISTB 467
ASU Faculty Since: 1999
Expertise: Waveform-agile sensing, time-frequency processing, stochastic signal processing, biosensing.
Stephen Phillips, Professor, Director of the School

(480) 965-6410
GWC 208H
ASU Faculty Since:
Applications and integration of microsystems including microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microactuators, neural recording and neural stimulation; applications of systems and control including adaptive control, instrumentation and control of gas-turbine engines, control of microsystems, prosthetics, feedback control over nondeterministic networks.
Martin Reisslein, Professor
(480) 965-8593
GWC 411A
ASU Faculty Since: 2000
Expertise: Multimedia streaming, multimedia traffic characteristics, metro and access fiber/wireless networks, and engineering education.
Armando Rodriguez, Professor
(480) 965-3712
GWC 352
ASU Faculty Since: 1990
Expertise: Control of nonlinear distributed parameter systems, approximation theory, sampled data and multi-rate control, embedded systems, rapid prototyping, modeling, simulation, animation, and realtime control (MoSART), control of flexible autonomous machines operating in an uncertain environment (FAME), integrated real-time health monitoring, modeling, and reconfigurable fault-tolerant controls, control of bio-economic systems, renewable resources, and sustainable development, control of semiconductor, aerospace, robotic, and low power electronic systems.
Sankar_LalithaWEBLalitha Sankar, Assistant Professor

(480) 965-4953
ERC 585
ASU Faculty Since: 2012
Expertise: Information privacy in distributed and cyberphysical systems, wireless communications, network information theory.
Marco Saraniti, Professor

(480) 965-2650
ERC 537
ASU Faculty Since: 2007
Expertise: Computational electronics and biophysics.
Anna ScaglioneAnna Scaglione, Professor
(607) 227-0401
ASU Faculty Since: 2014
Expertise: Signal processing, information
networks, energy
Seo_Jae-SunWEBJae-sun Seo, Assistant Professor
(480) 727-2660
GWC 330
ASU Faculty Since: 2014
Expertise: Circuit and system design for neuromorphic computing and hardware, on-chip integrated voltage converters and regulators, high-speed and low-power on-chip communication circuits.
Jennie Si, Professor
(480) 965-6133
GWC 351
ASU Faculty Since: 1991
Expertise: Learning and approximate dynamic programming, estimation and filtering of stochastic processes, neural networks, neurophysiological basis for control, cortical neural information processing, and brain machine interface.
Brian Skromme, Professor
(480) 965-8592
ERC 155
ASU Faculty Since: 1989
Expertise: Compound semiconductor materials and devices, especially wide bandgap materials for optoelectronic, high frequency, high-power, and high-temperature applications, optical characterization of semiconductor materials, development of GaN and SiC-based materials and devices.
Andreas Spanias, Professor
(480) 965-1837
GWC 411 F
ASU Faculty Since: 1988
Expertise: Digital signal processing, multimedia signal processing, speech and audio coding, adaptive filters, real-time processing of sensor data, signal processing for the arts.
Meng Tao, Professor
(480) 965-9845
ERC 157
ASU Faculty Since: 2011
Expertise: Terawatt photovoltaics for solar energy conversion, semiconductor surfaces, interfaces, and thin films.
Nongjian Tao, Professor

(480) 965-4456
BDB 138A and GWC 618
ASU Faculty Since: 2001
Expertise: Chemical and biological sensors, molecular and nano electronics, nanostructured materials and devices, and electrochemical nanofabrications.
Cihan Tepedelenlioglu, Associate Professor
(480) 965-6623
GWC 411D
ASU Faculty Since: 2001
Expertise: Wireless communications, statistical signal processing, data mining for PV systems.
Trevor Thornton, Professor
(480) 965-3808
ERC 115A
ASU Faculty Since: 1998
Expertise: Nanostructures, molecular electronics and sensors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), silicon-oninsulator MESFETs.
Konstantinos Tsakalis, Professor
(480) 965-1467
GWC 358
ASU Faculty Since: 1988
Expertise Applications of control, optimization and system identification theory to semiconductor manufacturing, chemical process control, and prediction and control of epileptic seizures.
Pavan Turaga, Assistant Professor
(480) 965-3704
ASU Faculty Since: 2011
Expertise: Computer Vision, Multimedia, Human Activity Analysis, Machine Learning.
Daniel Tylavsky, Associate Professor
(480) 965-3460
ERC 517
ASU Faculty Since: 1982
Expertise: Electric power systems, numerical methods applied to large-scale system problems, parallel numerical algorithms, new educational methods and technologies, applying social optimization to power system markets, and transformer thermal modeling.
Dragica Vasileska, Professor
(480) 965-6651
ERC 555
ASU Faculty Since: 1997
Expertise: Semiconductor device physics, semiconductor transport, 1-D to 3-D device modeling, quantum field theory and its application to real device structures, spin transport, heating effects in nanoscale devices, current collapse in GaN HEMTs.
Vijay Vittal, Professor, Ira A. Fulton Chair in Electrical Engineering
(480) 965-1879
ERC 513
ASU Faculty Since: 2005
Expertise: Electric power, power system dynamics and controls, nonlinear systems, computer applications in power, sustainable energy, modeling and simulation of complex systems.


Yu YaoYu Yao, Assistant Professor
(480) 965-9208
ERC 557
ASU Faculty Since: 2014
Expertise: Infrared optoelectronics, semiconductor quantum devices, graphene optoelectronics, nanophotonics, optical antennas and plasmonics.
Ying_LeiWEBLei Ying, Associate Professor
(480) 965-7003
GWC 436
ASU Faculty Since: 2012
Expertise: Information networks including wireless, mobile ad hoc, P2P and social networks.
Hongbin Yu, Associate Professor
(480) 965-4455
ERC 159
ASU Faculty Since: 2005
Expertise: Nanostructure and nanodevice fabrication and characterization, transport in metallic and semiconducting nanostructures and molecules, quantum size effect in metallic and semiconducting nanostructures, surface and interface physics and chemistry.
Hongyu Yu, Associate Professor
(480) 727-7454
GWC 338
ASU Faculty Since: 2008
Expertise: Wireless environmental sensing and communication, microfluidic analysis systems, acoustic transducers, micro seismometer, accelerometer, and mass spectrometer.
Shimeng Yu, Assistant Professor
(480) 965-1581
GWC 340
ASU Faculty Since: 2013
Expertise: Emerging devices and circuits beyond CMOS and new computing paradigms beyond Boolean Logic.
Zhang_YanchaoWEB_Sp13Junshan Zhang, Professor
(480) 727-7389
GWC 440
ASU Faculty Since: 2000
Expertise: Network optimization and management, cyber-physical systems with applications to smart grid, wireless communications, complex network dynamics, information theory, and stochastic modeling and analysis.
Zhang_YanchaoWEB_Sp13Yanchao Zhang, Associate Professor
(480) 727-0039
GWC 416
ASU Faculty Since: 2010
Expertise: Network and distributed system security, wireless networking, and mobile computing.
Zhang_Yong-Hang_Sp13WEBYong-Hang Zhang, Professor
(480) 965-2562
ERC 161
ASU Faculty Since: 1996
Expertise: Optoelectronic materials and devices, such as solar cells, laser diodes, and photodetectors.
Yuji Zhao, Assistant Professor
(480) 727-4450
ERC 531
ASU Faculty Since: 2014
Expertise:  Photonics and electronics; MOCVD growth and device applications of III-nitride semiconductors, including LEDs, lasers, solar cells, and power transistors; nanofabrication and nanoscale characterizations; wide-bandgap semiconductors and oxides; new physics, materials, and devices for future solid-state electronics.

Non-Tenured Faculty

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Glen Abousleman
Faculty Associate
GWC 424
Richard Akis
Associate Research Professor
EGC 205
Craig Birtcher
Associate Research Professional (FSC)
ECA 127
Stuart Bowden
Associate Research Professor
ERC 165
Alan Chin
Adjunct Faculty
Larry R. Cooper
Adjunct Faculty
Bill Dauksher
Assistant Research Technologist
MTW 2425
Rudy Diaz
Emeritus Professor
Nikolai Faleev
Associate Research Professor
Douglas Garrity
Faculty Associate
GWC 424
Gennady Gildenblat, Adjunct Faculty
ASU Faculty Since: 2006
Expertise: Physics and modeling of semiconductor devices, semiconductor transport physics, integrated circuit technology.
Ahmed Helmy
Faculty Associate
GWC 424
Stephen D. Howard
Adjunct Faculty
Zigang Huang
Assistant Research Scientist
Joseph Hui
Emeritus Professor
GWC 442
Shane Johnson
Research Scientist
ERC 225
(480) 965-2565
Elias Kyriakides
Adjunct Faculty
Narayan Kovvali
Adjunct Faculty
Michael McGarry
Adjunct Faculty
Brian Mears
Adjunct Faculty
Robert Metzger
Adjunct Faculty
William Moran
Adjunct Faculty
Katerina Raleva
Adjunct Faculty
Radu Secareanu
Faculty Associate
GWC 424
Jun Shen
Adjunct Faculty
ERC 109
Donghoon Shin
Assistant Research Professor
GWC 411G
Hongjiang Song
Faculty Associate
GWC 424
Clarence Tracy
Research Scientist
ERC 563
John Undrill
Research Professor
ERC 577
Wang-Chao-7939b-resized AChao Wang, Assistant Research Professor
ERC 542
ASU Faculty Since: 2015
Expertise: Synthesis and fabrication of nanostructures, nanoimprint lithography, nanooptics, molecular sensing, nanofluidics, DNA hydrodynamics, ferroelectrics.
Lei Yang
Assistant Research Professor


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Delilah Alirez
Business Operations Specialist
GWC 302A
Maria BalderasMaria Balderas
Student Services Coordinator Associate
GWC 209
Sabrina Beck
Administrative Associate
ERC 165
Loriann Brichetto
Research Advancement Administrator Senior
GWC 264
Jared Broderick
Systems Support Analyst
GWC 276
Julie Castro
Research Advancement Administrator
GWC 268
Margie Creedon
Coordinator Senior
GWC 302C
Rebecca Davis
Administrative Specialist
ERC 552
DiPaolo_LauraWEBLaura DiPaolo
Business Operations Specialist
ERC 541
Scott DuncanScott Duncan
Research Advancement Administrator
GWC 272
Emily Fassett
Research Advancement Administrator, Senior
GWC 274
Ravi Gorur
Professor, Undergraduate Program Chair
ERC 515
Theresa Herr
Events/Admin Program Coordinator
ERC 527
Michelle Iafrat
Business Operations Specialist
ERC 187
Clay Javurek
Labratory Manager
GWC 273
Kiaei_FarahWEB.bFarah Kiaei
Department HR Specialist
GWC 208D
Sno Kleepsies
Graduate Advisor
GWC 236
Paul Krawczyk
Research Advancement Administrator
GWC 266
Allison LakeAllison Lake
Academic Success Specialist
GWC 212
James Laux
Technical Services Specialist Principal
GWC 374
Lauren Levin
Assistant Director Academic Services
GWC 218
Thomas Lewis
Systems Support Specialist
GWC 276
Jenna Marturano
Business Operations Specialist
GWC 208A
Cheryl McAfee
Academic Specialist
GWC 210
Gia McLaughlinGia McLaughlin
Academic Success Specialist
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
GWC 216
Mengert_ToniWEB2Toni Mengert
Academic Success Specialist
Graduate Advisor
GWC 234
Nina Millmyn
Administrative Associate
ERC 509
Cynthia Moayedpardazi
Business Operations Manager
GWC 208B
Elizabeth Moore
Academic Success Specialist
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
GWC 214
Joseph Palais
Professor, Graduate Program Chair
PhD; University of Michigan
GWC 222
Lynn Pratte
Graduate Advisor
GWC 236
Joelina Peck
Research Advancement Manager
GWC 270
Stephen Phillips
Professor, Director of the School
PhD; Stanford University
GWC 208H
Ginger Rose
Department HR Specialist Senior
GWC 208E
Donna Rosenlof
Department HR Specialist
GWC 208F
Sanborn_Regina_WEBRegina Sanborn
Executive Administrative Director
ERC 185
Selberg_EvieWEB_NEWEvie Selberg
Business Operations Specialist
GWC 411
Konstantinos Tsakalis
Professor Infrastructure
PhD; University of Southern California
GWC 358
Van_Husen_PamelaWEBPamela Van Husen
Academic Success Specialist
Undergraduate Advisor
GWC 220
Van_Husen_PamelaWEBLisa Zingale
Assistant to Director
GWC 208G