Undergraduate resources

Get set up for success

Check out the resources below for essential forms and information as an undergraduate student in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering.

Undergraduate resources

Academic advising

This page contains information about what the academic advising staff offers and how to contact them.


This page contains needed forms for undergraduate students.

Undergraduate course syllabi

This page contains examples of syllabi for undergraduate courses in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering.

Pathway information and seminars

Explore potential paths for a career after finishing an electrical engineering degree.

Undergraduate curricular practical training and internship information

This page contains needed information for students interested in internships and undergraduate curricular practical training.

Student Ambassador Program

Get involved in the electrical engineering program and help your fellow students as a student ambassador.

EEE 202 — Circuits I bill of materials

Ensure you have all needed materials listed here to for success in the hands-on portion of EEE 202.

Note: Only online students need to purchase these materials. In-person and hybrid students will be provided access to the materials for free during the semester.

Curriculum flowcharts and career information

Curriculum flowcharts

Undergraduate electrical engineering
four-year flowcharts

To view older flowcharts, please contact your advisor.