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Electrical engineering BSEMajor mapTempe, Online
Electrical engineering
(electric power and energy systems)
BSEMajor mapTempe, Online

About our programs

The electrical engineering BSE program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org. Student enrollment and graduation data are available at http://engineering.asu.edu/enrollment.

The electrical engineering industry is increasingly transdisciplinary as electrical and computing devices are used in wireless communications, medicine, energy, space exploration and the environment. The development of the microprocessor has expanded the opportunities for electrical engineers to improve the design of familiar products such as automobiles, consumer and office products, entertainment systems and a vast variety of test and measurement instruments and machine tools.

Electrical engineers combine the laws of electricity and principles of engineering to a variety of applications that directly affect the daily lives of most of the world’s population, from the development of satellite communication links to a sophisticated patient monitoring system in a hospital trauma unit. Electrical engineers are concerned with a vast array of design and development challenges associated with radio and television transmitters and receivers, telephone networks and switching systems, computer systems and electric power generation and distribution.

Our faculty includes experts in many application areas such as the design of flight control for aircraft and the implementation of neural interfaces for biomedical applications. They are committed to the integration of use-inspired research with locally and globally relevant academic programming, and have achieved national recognition by pursuing the highest-quality activities in research, training and entrepreneurship.