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Join the ECEE Student Ambassador Program

The ECEE Volunteer Student Ambassador Program was established in 2014 as an opportunity for student volunteers to assist advising by interacting with new, continuing, and prospective students at ASU.

Each semester the ECEE Advising Team is responsible for organizing, hosting, and participating in events focused on recruiting and retaining quality students in Electrical Engineering. As part of this effort, we believe it is important for new, continuing, and prospective students to hear about the ASU experience from their fellow students! Our ECEE Student Ambassadors join us in meeting these students and providing a peer to peer conversation about what it means to attend a major university and encouraging studying at ASU.

The program provides our Student Ambassadors an opportunity to get involved in activities outside of the usual classroom setting and achieve the recognition that comes with community service. It also creates a vehicle for newly enrolled students to interact with existing and successful students in a friendly, casual environment.

The ECEE undergraduate program engages the Student Ambassadors directly in developing feedback about the program and seeking suggestions for improvement. Specifically, the ambassadors review the EE program educational outcomes each year with the EE program chair and the director of the school.  Sound interesting? We encourage you to apply and join your peers in this exciting opportunity!

Contact the Student Ambassador Program Coordinator, Gia McLaughlin, who can be reached at To be eligible, you must have attended at least two semesters at ASU and be in good academic standing.

Volunteer now and enrich your ASU experience!

(Please note this is not affiliated with the Fulton Ambassador Program, this is specific to Electrical Engineering.)